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Mountain Millwork is a local Northern Idaho company based in Coeur d’ Alene. We currently employ a dozen talented craftsmen who come from all over the Inland Northwest region to ply their trade here. At Mountain Millwork our mission is to supply contractors, homeowners and the public at large with the finest custom millwork that is available in our area. An excellent facility, state of the art machinery and a highly talented team allow us to do this while always keeping an eye on quality with customer satisfaction being the ultimate goal.

No job is too small or too large for Mountain Millwork so if you just need a 10 foot stick of trim or if it is a million dollar millwork package for your commercial project, we will be happy to service your particular needs with an equal amount of enthusiasm.

At Mountain Millwork we believe in being good stewards to our community, always treating our employees and customers with the utmost care and respecting the environment that we all live in.

These are the values that we believe in and that we teach to our children. In short work hard, be fair, be honest and always treat people as you would like to be treated.

Core Values


We have chosen to distinguish ourselves through our integrity, always doing what is right. Telling the truth, even when it hurts. Treating our teammates, clients, colleagues, partners, suppliers and members with the highest integrity will be the trademark of our future.


We own the outcome, whatever it may be. We do not blame others for our faults and will always take responsibility when necessary. We stay above the line by seeing and owning the problem and brainstorming solutions. We are always accountable to others. We are always asking ourselves, “What else can ! do?”


We “Get Er Done” like junk yard dogs, we urgently sink our teeth into every task and stay with it till we are done right and on time! We do not procrastinate; we fix and resolve obstacles right away. You can find a better solution today than you can tomorrow. We tenaciously make a plan! We execute our plan! We succeed!


Everyone in the ACC family is here for a reason, we recognize we all have our unique strengths. We work as a Team and use our strengths to achieve our company goals. All team members should strive to create a positive team environment and encourage everyone to perform at their highest level and beyond by supporting each other. We communicate to our teammates the right information to the right people in the right way. We communicate as soon as we collect the information pertinent to our job effectively and honestly, this is the foundation of our teamwork and trust we have with each other and our clients have with us. The success of our team is measured as a whole, If one teammate fails we have not done our part.


Positive outlook and enthusiasm, doing what it takes and inspiring others to do the same. We make a choice to maintain a Positive Mental Attitude in our daily lives and do not let challenges or obstacles get us down. This kind of person is enjoyable to work with or for and inspire others to be a better person. The people who succeed are not the ones who avoid failures; they are the ones who learn to respond to obstacles with optimism. A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you. “PMA” is having a Positive Mental Attitude.

Joe McCormick, Owner

Joe McCormick

Owner / President

Joe has been in the cabinet business for nearly 20 years and has worked with hundreds of local customers and contractors from designing high end dream kitchens to outfitting schools with highly functional, economical storage and organization solutions. Joe has been an Idaho resident for over 25 years and enjoys hunting, fishing, camping and spending time with his wife and 4 kids.


Testimonial Mountain Millwork

Now that Michael Lohrer is with Mountain Millwork I couldn’t be more excited. Michael’s extensive background in custom moulding and high-end finish carpentry is second to none. I know that he and his team will go the extra mile to ensure my trim packages are flawless in finish, priced fairly and completed in a timely manner. I cannot recommend Michael and the team at Mountain Millwork enough.

Brad Humphrey
Owner Inland Finish Carpentry

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